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Types of confined space signs
High visibility is the critical attribute for most confined space signs – for safety's sake they have to be seen by anyone going anywhere near the area in question, whether it's night or day. For that reason, we recommend being generous with signage – it's far better to clutter a wall with an extra sign or two than it is to lose a worker in a preventable tragedy.
As usual with construction-site signs, hardy aluminum materials make a popular choice, although if the condition requiring the confined space signs is a temporary one, vinyl stickers or plastic are more common.
Here are a few common varieties:
Confined Space Stickers
Some confined spaces require permits, and it's crucial to make sure people know it – these areas usually have especially hazardous conditions that even experienced workers may not be aware of. Permit required areas also require monitoring procedures and buddy-system-type teamwork to minimize the risk of injury. Stickers like this one work well for many confined spaces.
Vinyl Stickers
Vinyl stickers like these make for a cheap and no-fuss way to make sure everyone knows where your worksite's confined spaces are.
Hard-Hat Stickers
Hard-hat stickers like this one foster worker pride, raise visibility of safety procedures, and complement the work your signs are already doing.
Construction-Site Signs
Many confined spaces require workers to post a permit or tag at an entry point before they go in to indicate that someone is there. This document holder can be screwed to a nearby wall or hung by string or plastic cinch.
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