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Help workers out in a tight spot. Confined space signs help your business protect workers, passersby, and meet regulatory standards.
Confined space signs

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Confined spaces are defined by OSHA as inhospitable spots with limited means of entry or exit. They can be some of the most dangerous spaces around—just large enough for a person or two,with hazards like proximity to machinery, electric shock, poor air quality, or collapse. A confined space could be a grain silo, a sewer system, or a giant nitrogen tank onboard a truck. Still, these places often need a worker’s expertise. Signage can reduce safety risks by keeping the public out and warning workers about what dangers they face.
Confined Space Signs
Engage workers' training.
ll workers with permits to work in confined spaces have been through rigorous training for their own safety. A well-placed sign will help make sure that all workers understand there is a strict criteria.
Confined Space Sign
Keep the public out.
Every year, tragedies happen when members of the public become trapped in confined spaces. Signage can reduce both injury rates and liability.

Confined Space Signage
Foster teamwork.
Hard hat stickers foster teamwork and camaraderie, and can help identify who has the expertise to take part in confined space operations.

Confined Space Signs
Encourage correct procedure.
Every confined space has its own particular set of protocols for making sure no one gets hurt. Confined space signs can give workers details, helping to guarantee their safety.
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